Boxed Flowers Features

Buying flowers online is a quick and easy way to show that special someone you care, without having to spend hours looking to find the right flowers. With fast and easy delivery, a great range of flowers and traditional bouquets are available at prices that are very reasonable in most cases. Having a certain type of floral arrangement in mind helps narrow down your selection process.Checkout Boxed Flowers for more info.

Customers should be aware of the additional taxes, service charges, flower delivery details and after-sales support. Some online florists include the delivery cost in the price shown for each floral arrangement. Other online stores add the charge for delivery when you reach the check out, just before you enter your payment details. For same day deliveries you will be required to pay a bit extra. You should also check if the online florists can deliver flowers on weekends and holidays. On occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas book your orders in advance instead of purchasing at the last minute. You will need to have the recipient’s full name, address and telephone number ready while buying flowers online. It is a good idea to write out in advance the message you want to send along with the flowers you purchase.

Before you provide your credit card details, make sure that the site is using a secure server. With the help of a secure server, all the personal information that you furnish including credit card numbers, names, addresses, and telephone numbers is specially encrypted in a secure code and thereby is not available to anyone else as it passes over the Internet, until reaching your online florist. Once the order is placed, it is essential to either print out the order confirmation, or note down the order number. Also keep a record of the customer services phone number of the online florist. To take advantage of the various discounts and special offers that online florists offer from time to time, it is recommended to register and become members of such sites.